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White Hot Badger™

Tour Preferred • 700 Series

  • The S71™ Pearl Coverstock gives you all the backend motion you need.
  • The Lacerate™ Symmetric core provides 4-5″ plus of flare potential.
  • Use the Badger™ on medium lane conditions where a quick change of direction downlane is desired.

The ALL NEW White Hot Badger™ is the symmetric compliment to the follow up to the popular Badger™. The White Hot Badger offers the most skid/flip reaction within the 900 Global symmetric line. 

The Lacerate­­™ core will provide easy length through the heads combined with maximum torque at the breakpoint. Expect to see a quick change of direction. This core also features a true two-piece design. Pure cover meets ferocious core!

The coverstock featured on the White Hot Badger is a pearl version of the S71™ coverstock. This cover formulation has been designed and tested to offer the most length and responsiveness at the breakpoint.

Coverstock: S71™ Pearl

Finish: 1,500 Grit Polished

Color: White Pearl

Core: Lacerate™ Symmetric

Flare Potential: 4-5″ plus


Available Weights: 14-16 Lbs