Tactical Ops

Tactical Ops

  • The Tactical Ops features the S72™ Coverstock in a pearl version for more traction in oil.
  • The Break™ Asymmetric core will create monstrous flare and hook potential.
  • Use the Tactical Ops™ on medium-heavy lane conditions.

The Tactical Ops™ features the S72™ Pearl Coverstock wrapped around the venerable Break™ Asymmetric Core.

The S72™ Pearl Coverstock will provide the most length within the Preferred Line.  This cover has been designed to offer easy length through the front part of lane.

The Break™ Asymmetric Core, as always, has been optimized to provide the perfect reaction shape.  This core, combined with the S72™ Pearl cover will provide a drastic skid/flip reaction.

Coverstock: S72™ Pearl
Finish: 1,500 Grit Polished
Color: Purple/Orange/Gray
Core: Break™ Asymmetric
Flare Potential: 5-6″ Plus
Available Weights: 12-16 Lbs