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Tour Preferred • 700 Series

  • The S62™ Solid Coverstock gives you all the backend motion needed as the lane transitions later in events.
  • The Scope™ Symmetric core provides 4-5″ plus of flare potential.
  • Use the Infrared™ on medium-heavy lane conditions.

The Tour Preferred Series™ has become known as the obvious choice for bowlers competing on demanding lane conditions.  Control is always emphasized on tournament patterns. Once the pattern starts to break down, but it isn’t quite time for the dry lane balls yet, the Infrared™ will come into play.  Infrared™ was designed to bridge the gap between the Truth™ and X™. The S62™ Solid cover stock combined with the new Scope™ core will provide a great reaction on medium-heavy oil patterns.

Coverstock: S62™ Solid

Finish: NEAT “T” 4,000 Grit

Color: Red

Core: Scope™ Symmetric

Flare Potential: 4-5″+


Available Weights: 12-16 Lbs