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GPS Pro Shop Exclusive – Limited Time Only

  • The S70™ Hybrid .
  • The Longitude™ symmetric core provides low R.G and medium-high differential.
  • Use the Compass to blend medium wet-dry league conditions.

The Compass™ creates the controlled ball motion needed to blend out wet-dry over walls so prevalent with today’s modern lane conditions. The Compass accomplishes this by combining an S70 cover with the Longitude core to create a harmonious blend between oil and friction. The Compass versatility suits not only bowler’s who like to go up the boards but the heavier handed players looking to move left and open up the lane.

Coverstock: S70™ Hybrid

Finish: 4,000 Grit Abralon

Color: Black Sparkle/Red Pearl

Core: Longitude™ Core Symmetric

Flare Potential: 4-5″


Available Weights: 14-16 Lbs