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Chemical X™

Tour Preferred Series

  • The S55™ Solid coverstock provides consistent and predictable friction.
  • The symmetric Pod™ core produces controlled flare and a smooth transition.
  • Use the Chemical X on medium length and volume patterns.

The Chemical X marks an exciting release in our new Tour Preferred Series, which features tournament oriented bowling balls with a lot of influence from 18-Time PBA Champion Chris Barnes.  The low RG / low flaring symmetric Pod Core and S55 Solid coverstock combine to create the ball motion competitive bowlers need on tougher and flatter conditions.

Coverstock: S55™ Solid

Finish: 4000 Grit

Color: Slate/Lemon-Lime

Core: Pod™ Symmetric

Flare Potential: 3-4″


Available Weights: 12-16 Lbs