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Break™ Down

Preferred • 600 Series

  • The Fan-Favorite S70™ Solid Coverstock provides the perfect blend of friction and backend.
  • The Break LD™ Asymmetric core will rev later down the lane and produce more controllable flare.
  • Use the Break™ Down on broken down and lighter volume lane conditions!

900 Global’s first manufactured ball, the Break™, really put us on the map, and over the years we’ve heard request after request to bring it back, with a twist.  The S70™ Solid Coverstock has an impressive history (and even a USBC Open Championship All Events Record), and with the modified Break™ Asymmetric core, you’ll finally be able to use it later in tournament blocks.  We’ve significantly raised the RG and lowered the differential to provide more length and less flare, all while keeping the fabled S70™ on hand to provide that perfect friction-to-backend ratio everyone loves.

Coverstock: S70™ Solid

Finish: NEAT “T” Pad (4000 Grit)

Color: Bright Blue

Core: Break™ Asymmetric

Flare Potential: 3″


Available Weights: 12-16 Lbs