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Badger Pink Fury™

International Release

  • S71 Solid Coverstock
  • Lacerate Symmetric Core

The  ALL NEW Badger Pink Fury™ is the follow up to the popular White Hot Badger™.  The Badger Pink Fury™ will create a big backend similar to that of the White Hot Badger™, but will have the ability to handle more oil. 

The Lacerate™ Symmetric Core is the same as the White Hot Badger™.  This core has proven itself to have the highest torque potential out of all the symmetric cores that 900 Global offers.  No outer core is used in this ball.  This raises the coeffecient of restitution which produces more pin action!

The S71™ cover has been optimized from a pearl to a solid to produce more traction in the oil.  Start with the Pink Fury and use the White Hot as the lanes begin to go through their transition.