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After Dark™ Blue/Silver Pearl

Function • 400 Series

  • The S30™ Pearl coverstock creates unprecedented control from a reactive shell.
  • The symmetric Nightfall™ core provides easy length and medium-low flare.
  • Use the After Dark Pearl on drier lane conditions where control is needed.

The After Dark™ will be the first option for the bowler learning to throw a ball that hooks. It will also be an option for the tournament bowler when the pattern starts to hook.

The Nightfall™ Symmetric core will provide a moderate amount of flare. It will provide maximum control on dry conditions for the accomplished player.

Wrapped around the core is the S30™ Reactive Coverstock. This cover will provide the most length within the 900 Global Product line. Optimal for dry conditions or for the beginner getting used to reactive resin.

Coverstock: S30™ Pearl

Finish: 1,500 Grit Polished

Color: Blue/Silver Pearl

Core: Nightfall™ Symmetric

Flare Potential: 3″ Plus


Available Weights: 10-16 Lbs