Sport Deluxe

Color: Blue/Black
SKU: S950-05-XX (Right Hand Only)
Sizes: 6-12, 13, D Width (Men’s)
Performance Slogan pages

  • Synthetic Leather Build
  • Interchangeable Sole and Heel
  • Hardened Rubber Toe Cap and Sole
  • Vented Inner Soles
  • Includes 2 Soles (Deer Skin and Synthetic Leather)
  • Includes 1 Heel (Flat Normal)

Felt Sole Solid
Felt Sole
Oiled Leather Sole Solid
Oiled Leather Sole
Leather Heel
Back Skin Heel
Rippled Heel
Rippled Heel
Chrom Leather Sole Solid
Chrome Leather Sole
Backskin Leather Sole Solid
Back Skin Sole
Flat Normal Heel
Flat Normal Heel
Deerskin Sole Solid
Deer Skin Sole
Adjustable Heel
Grooved Heel
Grooved Heel