• Hand Tooled Cowhide Leather Build
  • Interchangeable Sole and Heel
  • Kevlar Rubber Traction Sole
  • Dupont Kevlar Toe Cap
  • Vented Inner Soles
  • Includes 3 Soles (Deer Skin, Back Skin and Chrome Leather)
  • Includes 3 Heels (Flat Normal, Rippled and Back Skin)
  • Slide Chart

Durable cowhide leather and interchangeable soles & heels makes this the premier shoe for the serious bowler!

Sport Ultra Ultra Black/Gold Men’s

Sizes: 7-12, 13 (D Width)

SKU: SU100 (RH), SUL100 (LH)

Sport Ultra Blue/Black Men’s

Sizes: 7-12, 13 (D Width)

SKU: SU200 (RH)

Felt Sole
Oiled Leather Sole
Back Skin Heel
Rippled Heel
Chrome Leather Sole
Back Skin Sole
Flat Normal Heel
Replacement Toe Cap
Deer Skin Sole
Grooved Heel
Cleated Soles