We’ve revamped our product lines so you can properly match up to our equipment without any guess work, and get just the right amount of performance YOUR GAME is looking for!  Check out our NEW Performance Tiers below!

Engineer Series Logo red

The Engineer Series showcases the latest dynamic asymmetric cores and ground-breaking chemically engineered coverstocks in the 900 Global line, representing our HIGHEST levels of Research & Development advancements.

prime series logo red

The Prime Series features performance bowling balls that are a cut above the competition, offering innovative motion while utilizing advanced technology developed in the Engineer Series.


The Tour Preferred Series features balls specifically designed with the help of Chris Barnes for use on the PBA Tour and on a variety of sport conditions.

Preferred Series Logo red

The Preferred Series features your go-to choice for reliability on everyday house and league conditions, providing versatility and performance at an extremely affordable price.

select series logo red

The Select Series includes a wider range of color options and unbeatable performance for the price, offering the BEST low cost option for beginner bowlers stepping into their first reactive ball or experienced bowlers filling in their arsenal.

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